Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magical Fairy Party

The Cheeks Celebrations staff introduces our first event! Our friend and customer chose the Fairy Design Set from our wide variety of options at the Cheeks Celebrations store. 

The tablescape was the first thing you saw when you walked in the door! The whole room made a statement, from the balloons to poms. We were so proud :) We dressed the table with coordinating tablecloth, customized favor bags filled with goodies, framed invitation, and many desserts! 

The guests were going crazy over the cake, cupcakes, cookies on a stick and especially the cake balls! Not to mention, the kids were full of candy from the pinata! This group had a serious sweet tooth!

Activities were easy! We played something similar to Hot Potato but with a ring on a string. Then we brought the kids outside, tied a balloon to each of their ankles and had them race to pop them... The child who had the balloon filled with glitter won a prize from the very popular Treasure Chest. We simply filled a container with prizes and covered them in sand. This was a huge hit! 

                         Interested in our products and vendors for this party?
                                         Invitation Set: Cheeks Celebrations                 
                                               Desserts: Cakes by MM
                                   Pinata: Karla's Super Pinatas  (210) 733-0876     

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