Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Cocktails

Both Halloween and cocktails are all about creativity, so they're the perfect match.

Plus, nothing is scarier than being all dressed up on Halloween with no cocktail in hand, so read on for some tips on creating delicious Halloween drinks. Spells and curses not included!

Nothing says sweet treat - not trick - like a Pumpkin Martini.


1.5 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. pumpkin liqueur
1 oz. butterscotch Schnapps
sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice
dried pumpkin seeds to garnish

Halloween wouldn't be the same without a (non-alcoholic) drink for the kids!

If this one is appealing to the adults as well, simply add 2 oz. cranberry or orange-flavored vodka to the brew when it's added to the glass, and stir.


5 cups apple-cranberry juice
1 cup pineapple juice
1 cup orange juice
2 cinnamon sticks 
2 teaspoons whole cloves
liberal dash of allspice

Bring to a boil in a saucepan, and then lower heat and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes. Pour into mugs, ensuring the brew has cooled to be drink-able.

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  1. i'm always up for a cool cocktail!!! you have a bunch! thanks for these!

    happy halloween!
    loving your blog...