Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boogie Wipes

 2 moms run with an idea for runny noses

Mindee Doney stumbled across a business idea when her daughter was home sick with a cold and didn't want saline drops in her nose. Doney realized that saline drops on a wet wipe might be a better delivery system for children, so she and business partner Julie Pickens developed Boogie Wipes with a combination of aloe, vitamin E, chamomile and, of course, saline. Their timing was perfect: The Food and Drug Administration had recently restricted the sale of some over-the-counter children's cold remedies, so Boogie Wipes found shelf space at retailers such as Rite Aid, and the partners project $10 million in sales this year. Read more on these fantastic ladies at the Financial Post website.

This story published in SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs on 01/18/2011. See the full issue here.

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